RECAP: Project Runway Australia Winning Collection


And so there is another season of PROJECT RUNWAY AUSTRALIA done and dusted. Mostly this was a pretty great season, there were a lot of really interesting challenges and a handful of really good looks. But, to be honest, if I am coming away from this season with anything it is the joy, the pure utter joy, that finally someone’s that I really loved, and one that truly deserved to win finally, FINALLY won the season. So who was the winner???


So check the full collection and my recap of the looks.

christina final collection 1

Here is an instance where the model, the look, the outfit and the designer just sit in total harmony. The layers, colour palette and proportions all straddle the line between conventional and left-of-center in a really interesting way making the look seem equally wearable and totally cool and unattainable. It is a real testament to Christina’s styling skills that she managed to make fairly conventional pieces with a slight twist that when layered together give the sense of an almost avant-garde look.

christina final collection 2This was probably the weakest overall look of the collection, with the  shape strongly reminding me of a babushka doll. I think the brown pieces are all the weakest moments of the collections, they are never rich browns instead they all all kinda just sad. However, I think there is still something interesting about the idea of that really chunky oversized jacket.
christina final collection 3

Another sad-ish brown coat, but this time with a more Matrix shape. This look is greatly aided by that interesting and cool prink of that top. The print really suprises me because on it’s own it would seem a bit old and op-shop-ish, but instead it just looks really fresh and young; it is like a subtle pop of colour and attitude.

christina final collection 4

I can’t decide if this is killa-cool or total whack-a-do. What I can say though is that is probably the most conceptual look of the collection. While a lot of the other pieces could be broken down into really saleable separate pieces I think this is totally just for the show and maybe for the really really adventurous girls of the world, for which there really isn’t enough of. christina final collection 5

Preppy on the top, rock on the bottom, all-over rocker prep. This is just too cool.
christina final collection 6

A fairly conventional shape. There was a lot said about how Christina was an ‘avant-garde’ designer but I think a lot of her looks have conventional shapes with unique textures and materials, or an unconventional shape but with a wearable fabric. That is not avant-garde in my mind, that is more just a designer with ideas. christina final collection 7

This girl knows her proportion. Wide and short pants that don’t look ridiculous. Also, that is great layered jacket, really brought together the concept of the collection in one piece. christina final collection 8

A seriously captivating jacket, I was dying for her to open it up. This look also didn’t waist the skirt, when you saw it from the back that high slit kept your eye on the girl. Considering all the layers,  the fact that these were all still sexy is a good instance of a woman really knowing how to dress a woman and how to make them sexy without the look being all tits n’ass.christina final collection 9

Super sellable in my eyes. The red lining of the jacket ads a good visual punch too.christina final collection 10

I love that mid-red section whatever it is, it gives a good shape to the wearer and is a cool texture. There is something very Tilda Swinton about this look, and really what better way for this collection to end.

So congrats Christina, a well deserved win.