RECAP: Project Runway Australia Episode 8

Episode 8 of PROJECT RUNWAY AUSTRALIA  saw the designers tasked to produce two music award-worthy looks for MADE STATIC fave Natalie Bassingthwaighte in a not so surprisingly short time frame. Check out my recap for my reactions to all the looks and some more sass.

So if you have been reading these recaps you might know I can be pretty negative about this show, and why not its far from perfect but I can look past a lot. However, if there is just one thing that never ceases to irk me it would be the ridiculously limited time the designers are given. So you can image my reaction when 6 hours remaining in this weeks challenge Perry waltzes into the room and says “designers (lots of stupid puns) make another dress, I am giving you two extra house, oh and Fuck you all”. I may have added that last bit, but it was basically what the producers were trying to get across.

So lets have a look at what they produced.

Oh but first I have to say Megan never looks bad, so what da fuck! at her outfit this week. It is literally two ugly pieces mashed together.


Boring. It looks very business until the hem. Short hem don’t make it a party dress, it makes it a slutty dress.

This is why he won, and it was deserved, probably the only outfit that really meets the brief and understood the client.


I didn’t like the nude colour, it was too on the nose with the whole linguine inspired-ness. However, this is the best design, and paring it with that bomber jacket was one seriously killa move.

I also don’t like the colour of the second look. But, well, it should not worry because the colour isn’t alone, I hate every god dam thing on display. This is so ugly the project runway people (read: inter) didn’t even give the outfit its own picture.


Thanks for putting all that effort in Christina, but this is just really slutty. At one stage in the workroom it seemed like Christina was intending for this to have a longer hem, I think that would have done a world of good.

Average. The competition is at an interesting moment, Tristan and Leah have basically been set as the finalists since about week three, so that leaves Christina and Jamie to fight for that final spot. And honestly, Christina is by far the better designer, but she is a slower sewer and doesn’t manager her stress well, so shit like this is not going to help her get above Jamie.


Matronly, and that sad waist bow belongs nowhere ever.

Well made, but ugly. This is the first week Leah as really missed the mark and it has really shown what a bland point of view she has.


Very business-y. The colour does not help, but even in another colour this is fairly run-of-the-mill stuff.

There is interesting stuff going on here, but it is wrong for the brief and the client, and those are all the wrong colours.