SYDNEY NIGHT OUT: The Rocks Village Bizarre

Got plans for tonight? Well, how about a experimental date night in the Rocks for The Rocks Village Bizarre. Enter the strange world of The Rocks Village Bizarre. Draw back the velvet curtain and meet peculiar performers, burlesque beauties and a cornucopia of curious characters. Lose yourself on a fun, quirky, spontaneous night out as The Rocks’ intimate laneways come alive.

Now its third week, the cobbled paths of The Rocks transforms into a wonderland, ripping away the stress and boredom of the past work week thanks to the convergence of you and the hula honeys, burlesque beauties, laneway lunatics and a curious cornucopia of characters, musicians, artists and free-thinkers.

A wonder around the rocks with wild shit at every corner is pretty much the ideal situation for all those exhausted after a long work week. So head down, have a few drinks and let your eyes ogle and awe at some strange and wonderfulness on offer courtesy of The Rocks Village Bizarre.

Some of the events going on include: silent disco, cabaret shows, umbrella, and lots more vaguely titled ‘you just have to see it’ type stuff.

For a full program list head to the Village Bizarre website HERE

Now in its second last week, this is an adventure that shouldn’t be missed. So come this week, and again next week.

Words by Luke Letourneau