RECAP: Project Runway Australia Episode 6+7

I have been a little bit lazy lately with my PROJECT RUNWAY AUSTRALIA work, but hey, so has the PRA intern because they have not been posting their images fast enough so I keep having the delay my post which is why I have decided to double up with episode 6 and 7. So if any Project Runway people are reading (And really why would they not be) here is your not so subtle hint, and in the opening paragraph no less.

Not a great deal has developed in this last two episodes that is of any great significance. However, if there is anything at all to point out it would be that Ms Gale has indeed had her hosting duties cut to just the runway show with Perry in charge of everything up until this point. And to be honest this is for the best, Gale is much better in smaller doses, although all the fucking word play in the decision making segment are on my last nerve. I would say that Gale is being fed this by the producers, but she herself is a producers so all i can think is that this is very much her idea. Megan, me to you, its a really bad and irritating concept, please cease immediately and edit these moment out of all future episodes. Gurl, it for da best.

No with that over and done with lets get to the ‘creations’ (Gale always uses this word and it just erks me, I get the sense that ‘creations’ is more indicative of a craft project and not a legitimate design).



Ugh! Sure it fulfills the brief as something with ‘curves and volume’ but so what. It is ugly and the design is neither fashionable or innovative.


Jordan has been getting better, he definitely has a rocker/goth aesthetic and it has mostly been working for him. However, the problem with the guy is when he pushes himself he can do some good things but too often he gets lazy. I think that even though there are some faults with the look (the armor skirt and the collar neckline) they are still interesting faults and I get the feeling if he spent more time with his looks some really interesting work would come together (10 hours is not enough time and the show needs to realise this).


The top of this is overworked. I like the bottom and I think if she just worked to create more of an hourglass shape rather than just throwing up volume, then this would have been a far more successful piece. Also, the flashes of pink looked really great when this walked.


If Christina could have worked out a way to have the skirt sit better on the hips and not balloon out like the look did, this would most definitely have been a major stand out of the entire season. That top is killa! It is a little revealing and va-va-voom! But hey, why not show it off. This is also the best styled look of the week. I think if the designers were given more time Christina would be producing greater quality work and be getting more attention. Because as it is the ideas are always there but execution continues to be her weakness. I think of all the designer she has a ravor sharp point of view and is a real designer.


An all-round great look. I love that he created his own print and played with colour in a great way. But he needs to get over the shoulder pads business. However, styling-wise this is a total none event.


Awful colour, awful shape, over-designed and under-thought. Should have been eliminated.


So its goodbye to the fast sewing wonder. I think if there was any way to describe Savva‘s style it would be drag queen. Savva has always had a great sense of drama but not much else. The train is hilarious in its stupidity. If he had so much time to spare that really should have been something to fix, because as is it looks like she has two bath towels for a skirt. This should have been a much better look of he just made a much simpler look and had that print that he made be a focus. But really, that is not the designer Savva is.



I was not a huge fan of the colour, and the styling is generally vanilla, but this is a great look. Design wise, it is intricate, unexpected but very accessible. It provides interest without being too dramatic or over the top. Overall this is the best look and a very deserving winner that really know the client and the event.


Both Tristan and Leah have been continually the top two throughout the competition, and that has everything to do with their constancy. I don’t like this look much, it seems very incomplete, or under released but it is at lease something that fits in with Tristan’s previous work and is at a good construction level. However, while this look has a great angle in its sporty attitude but in the end it just looks a little awkward and thrown together.


This is a great colour for the girl’s skin-tone and the bodice was really interesting, even if it was awkwardly executed, however overall this is just kind of boring.


I really hated the colour, it looks like the murky water. The design is also a bit seen-it-all-before too.

Before where I said Jordan gets lazy and makes uninteresting work, well case in point. This could have been interesting if it had more of a rocker or goth edge, or played with shape a little but, instead we got a pretty standard look.


And so the vanilla drama queen is out. This is no surprise, the design is for a much much much older woman, and the final product, with is gaping slit, cheap fabric and sloppy production should be worn by no one.