The winner of X Factor Australia 2012 is…(and other ramblings)

After months of sitting through Natalie Bassingthwaighte squeal and fit, Luke Jacobz ask artists useless questions, (oh and a few people sung) we finally have our X FACTOR AUSTRALIA 2012 winner.


Congratulations to Samantha Jade. She tried hard for it and had a few near exits but earned it in the last few weeks, giving inspired performances. The Collective never had the fan base they thought they did and Jason was always a long shot from the beginning but I really could not predict who would get it.

I have to say, I was an avid fan of X Factor Australia last season but this season has made me completely lose interest. It’s not because I saw The Voice Australia and felt X Factor paled in comparison, the show lost it’s excitement due to the X Factor trying harder than ever to change their format, that it was no longer the same show.

Now I’m not saying changing the format of the series is a bad thing, reality series need to be fresh in such a dense environment of similar types of shows. My issue lies with how X Factor began to mimic aspects of The Voice and hype up events in the show that never lived up to the promotional claims.

The X Factor introduced a social media green room, hosted by Johnny Ruffo during the first few live shows, before that faded into an online backstage stream simulcast with the live shows. The Voice had the same green room with Fuzzy who had much more of a presence on screen than Ruffo. I preferred neither green room attempt but it looked like a complete rip-off.

The other major difference with the X Factor format this year was in previous years, once we reached halfway through the live performances the Australian public had total control of who they wanted to eliminate from the competition. This season the judges have the final say up until the grand final about who will stay in the competition after it reaches the bottom two, similar to The Voice.

The promotional campaign surrounding this season had to be the most irritating collection of commercials I have ever seen. Everything was described as ‘Biggest Shock Decision’, the ‘Biggest International Stars’, ‘Mind Blowing Performances’ and ‘SUPER Boot Camp’. The whole campaign has been so obnoxious and in your face, it made me just like the show less and less each week.

Side Note: One Direction was advertised as being on the ‘LIVE’ Grand Final Decider, but we ended up witnessing a prerecorded performance, not mentioned in the commercials. I’m not a big fan, but don’t lie. Don’t treat the viewer like they’re stupid.

All that being said I will still give next season a go, I hear it is getting an even bigger revamp, a new panel of judges, hopefully it doesn’t lose the fun and playful atmosphere the current judging panel has and hopefully the changes that are made don’t just focus on making it next year’s ‘BIGGEST TV EVENT’.

Also, someone please fire the wardrobe department. Refer to below.

Words by Dan