REVIEW: A Moody Christmas Mid Season Review

We’re three episodes in and halfway through A Moody Christmas, there’s been breakups, hookups, enhancements and some shock surprises.There’s been plenty of laughs, but what have the Moody’s still got left in the tank?

After watching the third episode and laughing out loud too many times to count, (I seldom laugh out loud, I usually just do some weird breathing/giggle combination) I have to say I’m thoroughly enjoying this Aussie comedy and the original characters we’ve been introduced to.

The first episode, while entertaining still had a lot of ground to cover, we were introduced to in excess of 10 characters in a 30 minute program and it was hard to get to know all the Moody’s and extended family in that short time frame. The second episode managed to consolidate who our main cast was, and by the third episode I knew I was along for a ride, one which I was enjoying every minute of.

The series has such a fresh approach to the contemporary family living in Australia. Rachel Gordon has been quite the stand out playing the wife whose husband turns gay for one of her mother’s work colleagues. She is such a convincing actress, even after her miscarriage and discovering her husband’s affair, she is trying to keep up a front for her family to act like she has everything together, even when her husband is blatantly making out with his lover while her brother, Dan, witnesses in shock.

What I enjoy most about this show is that I don’t feel like I have seen these characters on my TV screen a thousand times. Of course you have the homophobic father and the weird uncle and the ocker son, but they’re all on their own journey and aren’t cardboard cut outs of those stereotypes.

My only issue with the series is that 2 years have passed so far and no one looks physically different in any way, besides Tina Bursill’s breast size. It doesn’t take anything away from the show, but I don’t see how Dan has had the same hair style/length for two years now…

Australian television should keep experimenting with the comedy genre, because there just truly isn’t enough original Australian comedies on our screens, and they would be a welcome presence after this series concludes.

Catch up on the first few episodes on iView.

Words by Dan