LISTEN UP! Two Door Cinema Club ‘Sun’ (Alex Metric Remix)

Those Northern Irish lads TWO DOOR CINEMA CLUB know how to make you dance, it is an irresistible act even. So what happens when you thrown their second single ‘Sun’ and ALEX METRIC in the mix?

Well you get a remix that sits on your shoulders and screams into your ears to DANCE! DANCE! DANCE!

Well maybe it is not that aggressive, but it is a very charming adaptation. This is a rework that understands the bands too-cute attitude and builds on it with with some starry-sky chimes, a consistent but barely-there drum beat that kicks hard in the final moments, and a vocal by Alex Trimble that stays mighty true to the original.

There has been a crazy influx of TWO DOOR remixes since the release of the album Beacon, but if my opinion has any worth than I would say this is the best ones yet.

Words by Luke Letourneau