RECAP: Project Runway Australia Episode 5 (Part 2)

Hit it you sassy little sassies, Part 2 of our PROJECT RUNWAY AUSTRALIA episode 5 recap is here!

I feel like Megan Gale is the only person I ever see writing notes. Mugging for the cameras? Or just very forgetful?

TEAM SAVVA?Nobody took ownership of this look, I can’t imagine there would be many questions as to why.


Aww, poor girl I was really enjoying Alexandra, but lets face it none of her designs were very flashy. And when you’re in a competition like this flashy is pretty key. As far as the actual clothes go, well the top is in a material that seems very heavy, and it is drooping an awful lot. But I think if she just hiked it up a bit it wouldn’t make the model look so…. saggy? And as far as the skirt is concern, well it is a nice colour but basically a none-event.


I’m not really sure what to say about this, on TV I thought it looked really chic and flirty, but in pictures it looks messy and thrown together. But what I can attest for is those pants look equally shit in pictures as they did on TV. Can someone also please explain the pant peplum?


This guy has a point of view which is good. That top is the best executed garment he has sent down the runway, a bit tight maybe but it is eye-catching and interesting (from the front at least, from the back with all the dangling it just looked a bit too sloppy).


A bit too caught up in the seaweed/ocean theme i think. I don’t the shoulder detail at all. Remove all the dangling strips of material and I think this was a very un-original design.

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