RECAP: Project Runway Australia Episode 5 Recap (Part 1)

Ah, so episode 5 is team challenge week on PROJECT RUNWAY AUSTRALIA. Surprisingly it was a week pretty light on drama/bitching/scratching each others eyes, but what it did have was some interesting clothes and legitimate creative discussion amongst the designers. And even better, it wasn’t boring!

Taking the designers to the Melbourne Museum for inspiration was a great choice on the part of this show, it allowed the designers to source some really interesting ideas and gave the viewers access to one of this countries better museums.

I must say that it appears that Alex Perry and Megan Gale seem to share hosting duties more given that Perry is more often going solo with the designers on their field trips. This is a good thing though, because Perry really is a natural on camera. But he must have been devastated when he realised that when he wears all black you can barely see the incessant pec-flexing.

Oh and this was a fairly decent judging panel tonight. This season has really brought some goos guest judges. And I want that trench.

Now to the clothes. Before I start I must say, every season and on every incarnation of this show whenever there is a team challenge where they have to create a collection for some reason every single time they read ‘cohesion’ as all similar colours. I myself would think that running ideas and recurring design motifs would say a collection more than repeating three colours. And this week we got one collection that was a colour collection and a design collection.

Can you guess which collection this one is?


This beige was Team Dragonflies‘ choice recurring colour, and well there is no denying it its a fucking ugly ass colour. This would have worked MUCH better if they chose a blush based beige and not a ochre because it would have complimented the skin rather than fight with it. Given that this is an extremely simple design the colour would be the main selling point, and I really cant see many people eager for a colour that really doesn’t suit many skin tones. Oh and that white harness thing did nothing but completely separate the breasts.


I think this is ugly and too focused on the dragonfly theme and not enough about actually making the wearer look good. The harness is repeated here and it looks worse. It is pure embellishment that in no way helps the body shape. The frills to the side even give the woman bigger hips. Which come to think, is actually something the majority of this collecting does. Oh and those pants are actually hideous.

JAMIE – Winner

That deconstructed peplum thing needs to be burnt. It actually comes off looking like a chastity belt. I really don’t think this should have won, because remove the peplum and this is simple and all hell and not even well executed. Also, does anyone else find Jamie’s loud mouth persona totally insufferable?


The colours are back and looking worse. This is probably the best executed land finished look to come from William. But those pants are pure nanna slacks and the colour of the jacket is distractingly. The only saving grace was the back detail on the back of the shirt and it was hidden under the sheer curtain on the blazer.


I didn’t hate the idea of this dress. It is a nice silhouette, but in its excitation that top comes of slightly boxy, and the sheer skirt adds too much material around the hips. But i disagree with the judges in regards to the sleeves. I actually like that it gives a very simple dress a bit of an edge. I think Christina would have been well served if she removed the second skirt.

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