RECAP: Project Runway Australia Epsiode 4 Part 2

The rest of the men’s wear looks in part 2 of our Week 4 PROJECT RUNWAY AUSTRALIA recap.


Alexandra makes boring inoffensive clothes. They are the kind of clothes that aim to be timeless pieces that aren’t straddling trends, but from what we have seen so far they actually just seem to be very simply pieces with now real unique touch. I find the idea of making timeless basics a very good idea, but she needs to find some angle that will give a uniqueness to her outfits. She should be reaching far for her influences, because from what we have seen her clothes seem very aging and very ‘seen it all before’.


Talk about a common ordinary look. I honestly feel like I have seen this exact shirt at least once, and slew of almost identical ones just like it.

This really is the uniform for ‘wanna seem classy’ guys hitting up the piss on any given weekend we’ve seen it all before, and most of us guys have more than likely worn it, if it isn’t already a staple. Savva gave his guy nothing he wouldn’t already own, and really just worked as a seamstress. And not a very good one because the sleeves are way too long, and those pants seem to have a a whole lot of unnecessary fabric bunching at those feet.


That crotch zipper is doing some strange things. Also boring colour for the pants, and a little daggy. And the jacket is big, and its zipper is showing off all the puckering and faults. Another boring badly made look from William.


I laughed when this walked out. I also laughed when they said it looks like it would appear on a Jamie runway show, because if this is indicative of Jamie‘s talents and aesthetic as a designer I don’t see him ever really good runway shows. That grey cape is not something many people should be wearing, and cuffing those pants all the way up like he has looks absolutely ridiculous. Oh, and another very strange pant crotch.


I could find very single one of these pieces in any David Jones anywhere.


I covet that bomber jacket. Three looks this week included that chino/t-shirt combo but none had this jacket. But should have removed that scarf, because I want to see the neckline of that jacket more than a yard of grey fabric.


This was stupid and ridiculous. This made the model look short and like he had a tiny head. It reminded me of David Byrne, but only one of these looks was on purpose.

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