RECAP: Project Runway Australia Episode 4 (Part 1)

This week PROJECT RUNWAY AUSTRALIA forced its designers out of the perpetual pretty dress making that plagues much of this show when the men were invited into the room as the new models. All the shenanigans and the winning and losing looks covered in part 1 of our episode 4 recap.

Even before I saw the designs I knew this would be a very good move for the show, not only because it required the designers to make separates, but it is also a great way to see how the individual aesthetics evolve when you remove them from their comfort zone. It is a way to distinguish those with a clear point of view from those blindly following women’s wear trends.

HOWEVER, then the runway show happened. What we saw seemed to be an onslaught of awkward proportions, ill fits and very basic garments.

So why did this happen? Oh, well because this is PROJECT RUNWAY AUSTRALIA, simply having a smart challenge that pushes the designers thinking process and creativity isn’t enough, so they had to slice the designers off at the knees, rip out their eyes and throw them in arctic temperature water, otherwise known as the 10 hour challenge.

The fact that this is a 10 hour challenge just proves the very fact that this is not in any way about design and skill and quality, focusing instead on the drama of such a short time frame and fashion trends. But then again, with Alex Perry – the man that has never met an infant’s shirt he didn’t want to wear – being the man mentoring these contestants, it might be hard for them to gather any understanding of how to fit men’s wear.

Oh and you best be believing that I be enjoyed Megan’s mention of Claudia being sassy. She must be reading our posts….. oh, that must have been awkward for her.

Anyway let’s get to the looks ya’ll!


This is a look that doesn’t show up very well in photos, but when it was on screen there was a really brilliant sense of harmony between all the tones and the many different pieces. I think this is a really unique, but not totally outrageous look. I find that it is in the styling that this really pulled together, but what I think is the biggest asset to this look is that waistcoat. This is a piece that really elevates the look and adds a great visual interest. 

Overall, it suits the guy to a t, looks like it can be worn in a range of different ways, and in the end, was a really deserving win.


The girl that really doesn’t understand proportions.

I think that maybe the judges were a little bit hard on this look. While yes it is a mess, there are at least some ideas going on here. When I look at the jacket I can at least say that I can’t exactly pin-point 3-40 stores that would stock something like it (or in a few of the contestants cases, something almost identical).

I must say, if someone came to me with the idea of that jacket I would be intrigued, and the pants and t-shirt (while very basic, verging on boring) would appease many. However, much like last week, Sasha Rose seems to have totally collapsed when it came to execution. It’s not even worth listing because nothing is the right proportion, but with that jacket being the center-piece it’s just not acceptable that it is so long and loose, oh and the collar (or lack thereof) just does not work.

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