Big Brother Australia 2012: My Predictions to Win

BIG BROTHER AUSTRALIA for 2012 is coming to a close and with six contestants left, I make my predictions for who is going to win.

This year has been maybe one of or maybe even my favourite season of Big Brother Australia to date. Sonia Kruger needs to go and the production value needs to be raised considerably but I think the viewers were blessed with a dynamic mix of young Australians this year and the drama and laughs have been in full supply.

This is my predictions for what place each contestant with take in the final week of the competition.

6th Place: Zoe UPDATE – 5TH PLACE

Zoe has been good for a few laughs and enjoyable to watch in her desperation for attention from both the housemates and her beloved, Michael. Having said that, I don’t see her taking the title and after her percentage in the last eviction she was involved in and her lack of status in the house I see her being the first to go in the final week.

5th Place: Rambo Sambo UPDATE – 6TH PLACE

Although Sam hasn’t done anything to annoy the viewers, he hasn’t really done much to make them like him either. He attached himself to Layla which was a smart move as she appears to be well liked inside and out of the house but I don’t see that relationship taking himself to the finish line. 5th place for the handstand champion.

4th Place: Benjamin I NOW PREDICT 3RD PLACE

I originally saw Benjamin as a decent contender to take out the title this year but his relentless bitching throughout the season has just become tiring. Without Stacey left to match his energy, I can’t see the public voting for Benjamin to win, his constant alienation of other contestants has been his undoing.

3rd Place: Layla I NOW PREDICT 2ND PLACE

This was a close one between second and third. Although Layla’s dim-witted charm throughout the series has provided classic moments, I think the past few weeks have really damaged her character. Once naive and all giggles, she has become embroiled in the bitchiness of the whole game and has showed her true colours in the last few weeks revealing to Australia we may have not been watching the real Layla all along. (She is also very switched on and what I believe to be one of the smartest game players for putting on a facade)

2nd Place: Stella I NOW PREDICT 1ST PLACE

Oh Estelle. I believed Estelle was going every week she was nominated up until about two weeks ago where I realised she had so many fans rallying for her. Stella is the result of the sympathy vote, not a week has gone by without her being bitched about or verbally abused. The public has felt sorry for the poor girl and the votes reflect this. Her eccentric personality has been interesting in small doses but overall she hasn’t exactly contributed much more than giving the other housemates something to talk about. The new (kind of) romance between Estelle and Michael wouldn’t have hurt her votes either.

1st Place: Michael UPDATE – 4TH PLACE!!!!

Michael has had all the ingredients to win from the beginning, an outgoing personality, a crazy persona, wit, smarts, the whole package really. He was performing for the cameras the second he walked into the BB house on the very first night (I actually hated him the first night, I wanted the show pony out!). He’s played the game with consistency throughout, he’s been constantly trying to understand how Australia would be viewing each housemate, and which housemates were contributing what dynamics to the house. Michael had a game plan before entering and I see him taking out the prize next Wednesday. Good luck to him and well deserved if he does.

But then again, I don’t even think Australia knows what it wants half the time. We’ll see.

Words by Dan