WATCH UP! Evil Dead Remake Trailer

Gives further evidence to why we need to stop remaking the classics. Trailer below the cut.

Firstly I need to start by saying I love horror movies. I enjoy the odd remake, mostly because I like to compare to the original, see what’s been updated, what works, what doesn’t. It’s always a fun ride if the film has tried to keep the same spirit as it’s predecessor.

My main issue with this Evil Dead remake is that it appears to have lost all the fun and humour from the original, which was what made it a cult classic in the first place. I’m not suggesting pull a Gus Van Sant and remake a cult horror film shot for shot, but I don’t see the reasoning behind creating what looks like to be yet another generic looking blood bath with a bunch of CW looking young adults (3/5 of the main cast have appeared on CW shows).

The red band trailer below features a lot of gore and violence, so if you’re purely there for that, you may be intrigued. For those who loved the original, you’ll probably think why bother?

Check it out.

This film’s only saving grace might be the fact that Sam Raimi and Diablo Cody are attached to it.

Words by Dan