RECAP: Project Runway Australia – Episode 3 (Part 2)

Here is part two of our PROJECT RUNWAY AUSTRALIA recap, as if all those ugly outfits weren’t enough the first time round. By the way, the glasses this episode were ridiculous, with messieurs above being the biggest culprit.


The concept of the jacket with the cut-out back was entirely ridiculous. It served no purpose and confused the lines of the shirt. There is no reason Leah couldn’t have just made a completed jacked and had the model take it off as she walked the runway, which the model did anyway.

It was actually quite a shame that this ridiculous jacket exists because this was the best shirt that walked the runway. Oh and also, are they leggings? Leggings aren’t pants.


A blouse. The skort was an interesting idea but looking at this I see nothing that you couldn’t already find in any store anywhere. However, the mint green is still a nice colour.


I see a banana peal, and a women’s inspired mens shirt. Seriously that shirt is huge. Oh and her bra is a great accessory for those big important business meetings. And is she wearing shoes or does she also have a fetish for walking through mud?


This may have been a good concept but the finished product is pretty terrible. The most startling thing about this look are the awful proportions. The pants seem too wide and too short. The top, with its cinched waist doesn’t so much slim the figure but instead emphasise the hips. And the outfit has also aged the young model about 20 years.


That collar detail was definitely one of the most interesting design elements to hit the runway, but it was never going to win. I don’t think there is a whole lot of ‘mass appeal’ to this look. It is very much for a specific person. Except for that strange beige waist strap. No person wants that.


I completely forgot about this. But that collar is giving me serious straitjacket vibes. Also, I predict William will not last long because he has no screen presence and is providing no drama.


Conversely, Jordan will overstay his welcome by a long shot because he is just so sassy.

I agree with the judges in regards to the knee detail on the pants. It was interesting and added a bit of a an edge that was not on display amongst all the priss. But I do not think moving that detail to the elbow of the shirt would have improved the look in any substantial way. That shirt really didn’t need more details.


An utter mess. He made this model look like a 50 year old woman living in a time that does not yet exist. There really was nothing pleasing about this look, and it didn’t seem to consider the body shape of an actual woman, or what anyone would actually want to wear. On the runway show they called this a costume, but I really couldn’t think or what it would be a costume of, my best guess would be a tent.

To my eye this should have sent Savva home. I guess one would make the argument that it is at least a well made tent, costume outfit but I think the real reason he stayed was because he will help the producers reach their bitching quota.

And by the way his blouse/shirt point was a good point to make (although I rolled my eyes when he started to say he would have made a different outfit) but  the judges reaction to this observation was just a little ridiculous.


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