RECAP: Project Runway Australia – Episode 3 (Part 1)

Oh the cattiness, oh the attitude; those personalities are so feisty. Yup that’s right PROJECT RUNWAY AUSTRALIA returns with Episode 3 and you guessed it, it has overstuffed itself with attitude, much in the same way Mr Perry stuffs his body into those tiny shirts. Oh yeah I did, me be bringin that cattiness too. Shit be infectious. Me-ow. I think it is fair to say recapping any episode with “bitching happen” is a completely apt review for this show. That’s what its concern is. You only have to look to the show’s tag-line touting the “stitching and bitching” of the contestants for proof. While the show’s American counterpart is in a very similar vein it was once a show dedicated to design, creative minds and fashion in a way the Australian version never has. And never is there more proof of this than with the Gale/Perry incarnation.

I must say that I don’t not detest Alex Perry like many people do. I really enjoy his candor on Australia’s Next Top Model, he has a very good eye and is one this countries most exceptional designers. But I cannot stand him on this show, the one liners and zingers are so obviously fed to him by some clueless producer that it’s hard to take him seriously any other time I see him on screen. However, in comparison to Megan Gale is is a fucking marvel.

Here is a dud of a host if there ever was one. This season sees an all new judging panel minus Gale, and of anyone, she was the one most in need of the boot. I don’t think she has ever provided any meaningful insight or anything substantial in the way of constructive criticism. While she is undeniably gorgeous, her line delivery is clunky and stilted to say the least. By the way did you know Megan Gale was a stunner? because if you forget, don’t worry the contestants will remind you any chance you may start to forget. I get the impression that the reason the contestants gush about her looks every time she appears on screen is because the producers are hoping to distract us from all of her hosting faults.

Ignoring Gale, the one thing season 4 has achieved would be in the new judging panel. While I would like to have seen at least season 3’s Kirrily Johnston return (hey maybe as a replacement for Gale?) the show has found success in Peter Morrissey and Claudia Navone providing everything that Gale lacks. Which really is a hell of a lot.

[Morrissey: Classy,  Navone: Classy, Perry: Expensive, Gale: ‘Hey guys what about me?!’]

I say all of this to give you the a sense of the environment these contestants are working in, and to an extent why some have been chosen for this show. Simply, the environment is one dictated by a producers heavy hand. They have a vision for this show, and my god they will get that at any cost.

So I guess that is the end of my rant, so lets get to the clothes.


I did not get this win. The shirt from the back looks liked like a curtain. It’s so billowy and loose it looks like a very casual, lounging at home kind of top. In fact I think it is verging very much in the direction of pjs. Also the skirt looks like a dress that has had the top half folded down.

There just seems to be a whole lot a fabric in very strange places and then BOOM a sexy sexy lolita slit. I am not really sure where this look would even be worn, which isn’t helped by the style with the nothing hair and the dried dirt colour shoes.  Overall, this is an over-designed and clumsy look that that doesn’t quite seem to know who and what it is dressing for.


This look actually doesn’t seem as bad in pictures as it did on my TV screen. In this picture it just seems like a very basic, if forgettable look. But on camera those diagonal line details really just made this shirt look like it was crushed and/or a little tortured. This was very much an over worked piece that seemed to fight the angles of the body rather than embrace, accentuate and all those other lovely adjectives. However, I must say that this was a well fit look and I did like the cuffed sleeves.

But I think these real tragedy of seeing Mladen go is that we don’t get to ogle him in all his style icon glory.

Look at that, he must have style he is wearing a cut off blazer. Oh the innovation.

Stay tune for part two.


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