LISTEN UP! Heyward Howkins ‘Praline Country’

We have been giving a serious spin of his debut LP release The Hale & Hearty, and now with ‘Praline Country’, the new track from Heyward Howkins, we have some more sweet tunes to ease us into summer. 

Given its sound, ‘Praline Country’ is deceptively light and fluffy, Heyward Howkins has a tendency to favour a narrative style songwriting which reveals itself nicely amongst the pop sensibility of this release.

A nice continuation on from the tracks that populated The Hale & Hearty‘Praline Country’ is gorgeously composed with instruments, sounds and textures overflowing. Here is a song that hits you straight off the bat with its with easy tempo sing-a-bility which fits nicely in with what you would expect from someone with tracks like ‘Sugar Sand_stitched Lip’, ‘Hale and Heart’ and ‘Spanish Moss’ to their name.

Listen to Heyward Howkins’ ‘Praline Country’ bellow, and you should expect a 7″ release to come before the end of the year.

Words by Luke Letourneau