It’s weekend time! It’s travel time! Quite frankly is just get out of the house time. This weekend I am getting out of the house and I will be in transit for a few hours. That will be a few hours with nothing to do but play on my phone and listen to music, so I have no time to pussy-foot with cool tracks, for which I ain’t go no time for, instead I have just gathered a slew of long ass mixtapes.

So here are a handful of the mixtapes I will be enjoying this weekend in my 05/10/2012 Weekend Playlist.

Breakbot Mixtape October 2012

GhostRider Something For The Mind Vol. 1

Azealia Banks Fantasea

Indian Summer DJs Michael Phelps’ 2012 Mixtape

The Magician Magic Tape Twenty-Four

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs Essential Mix 18 08 2012