REVIEW: Dream For This Day

DREAM FOR THIS DAY are a Metalcore/Post-Hardcore band from Campbelltown, NSW. They play a hard soft style of hardcore like that of Adestria and Miss May I, where their lead vocalist/screamer screams lyrics and the drummer/bassist sings the chorus.

Formed in 2011, Dream For This Day were previously known as Beneath The Shore. They released a four song EP which they perform at lives shows around the Sydney area.

The EP released by the band is as good a sound as any hardcore band around the Sydney scene today and its distinctive hard soft sound puts it ahead of some the generic hardcore bands populating the airwaves. The lead vocalist has one of the most powerful screamo voices your going to hear in the small scale, local dens and it really adds to the quality of the music, especially live. Moreover, for the heavy hardcore enjoyers, they play in a drop D tuning which creates that real head bangers mosh pit feel, which would make you want to start a pit on a train or in a library.

One of the most distinctive features of this band and this EP is their ability to create distinct breakdowns which again puts it ahead of the generic hardcore scene around Sydney. While the EP is good it is not perfect, the quality of sound is not what you would expect from well established bands but about what you would expect from local bands.

The only other real criticism would be to those who enjoy high tempo music, meaning it may not be as fast as some listeners may prefer but it does make up for this in quality music. This quirky new band is worth a look and can be found on Facebook, give them a deserved like and listen.

Listen to their track ‘I’ve Made My Choice’ at their Triple J Unearthed page HERE

Dream For This Day Sounds Like: Miss May I; Adestria; The Ghost Inside

Best song: ‘I’ve Made My Choice’

Words by Charles W.L