LISTEN UP! The Paper Scissors + FINAL SHOW

Together for over half a decade THE PAPER SCISSORS have decided to call it quits. Now what better way is there to go out than to have one last show, which is what they will do at The Standard in Sydney on the 6th of October.

So I’m a little late to the party with this one… Oh, and by ‘late to the party‘ I obviously mean crawling through the doggy door to a house of four people finishing off the last drinks while the stumble around with an oversize garbage bag pushing rubbish around a filthy room in an attempt to tidying up after the hectic rager that I will never get to experience. When I found out about The Paper Scissors I was immediately informed that they had broken up. Actually, I was mid ‘fallen in love’ with the album while the news was being delivered to me. But, I guess it is lucky that they will be doing one final show to leave in style, well great if your not me, cause I’ll be in another state.


The Paper Scissors have received boat loads of critical acclaim for their live sets and music releases alike, and were once labeled as “one of Sydney’s finest bands of the past decade”. Their sound is like a meditation within the traditions of punk, rock, garage and soul, embracing screaming guitars, wonky synths, while also mellowing down for some ambient, atmospheric whispers.

Their most recent release In Loving Memory is a true gem, and one of the better release to come out of Australia for some time. It is an incredibly mature and well thought release. Those who have not introduced themselves are encourage to jump to that pretty quick.

Some of the reasons cited as why the band had decided to dismantle were the struggles with not getting the attention, and coverage they (rightly) deserved. Never really meeting their own expectations, and ‘playing for no one’ seems to have taken its tole, hence the break-up. However, disheartening as it is, at least we get the chance to see the guys in action one last time. Their October 6 show at The Standard should be a must see for any music lover.

The Paper Scissors Last Show Ever

Saturday, October 6
The Standard, Sydney
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If you want chance to win a ticket, head over to PURPLE SNEAKERS

If you have not introduced yourself to this band, check out their full second album In Loving Memory

Words by Luke Letourneau