LISTEN UP! Purple Sneakers DJs ‘Last One Standing’

Me, well there really isn’t a whole lot going on in my life. I act as though I am all busy busy busy, hectic scheduled, no time for anything but really clipping my nails and looking for my first potential kitty cat is how the days are spent. But one thing that I actually do is work over at PURPLE SNEAKERS, an indie music blog where they all actually do have shit going on. The newest addition to their ‘shit going on’ pile being the just announced singles label.

Now what better way to start your own singles label than to have the first single you release to be your own! As is the logic behind PURPLE SNEAKERS DJS debut single ‘Last One Standing’.

Featuring the guest vocals Amy Pes, Purple Sneakers Djs have produced a fun party track that all their time hosting parties, remixing and running a sick website would suggest they know how to do.

Good news is the guys are going to be offering ‘Last One Standing’ up for free until its official worldwide release on October 18th.

Download ‘Last One Standing’ feat. Amy Pes at the PURPLE SNEAKERS Bandcamp HERE

Words by Luke Letourneau