Big Brother Australia: Week 2 Update

So it’s week two in the BB Australia house and there’s been laughs, tears, secrets revealed and some hot hookups. Now nominations have begun, let’s get rid of the dead weight I say.

Now we’re in week 2 we can ask ourselves if our first impressions were on the money? I have to honestly say I misjudged a few people, what I found irritating in the first week has now actually become a good form of entertainment for myself and hopefully the rest of Oz.

Here’s what’s happened over the past week…

Bradley Turned 19.
Resident self proclaimed nerd Bradley turned 19, and superhero was the theme.  Bradley did a creepy but accurate impersonation from Batman ruining any slight chance he may have had with Estelle by including her in the scene, his dialogue detailed him slitting her mouth Joker style. Bradley also has kept a jar of rice that reminds him of a girl from a Christian camp since he was a little boy…weird or sweet? (I can’t decide)

Estelle and Ryan tashed on.
Poor Bradley, after he had no chance with Estelle she moved on to the professional model, Ryan. It seemed like Josh was trying to get in there for a while, stroking her arm, hand around the waste but all it took was some ‘too close for comfort’ back massaging…

Then joining the spoon train…

Then getting a bit more comfortable and tashing on, while sleeping next to three other people. The slop sound of them kissing would be irritating in the old ear at 2 in the morning.

Also Bradley was listening in. (Even if this was just edited to make it look like Bradley was awake during this, he is awake too often when the lights are out. Once again adding to his creep factor)

The Secrets Revealed
has the high IQ (he is growing on me), Bradley is afraid of birds, Ray was a juvenile offender (he’s getting tolerable), Ryan hasn’t had a girlfriend since he was 11, Josh has dated over 100 women (confirms he’s a twat), Benjamin has been fired from every job he has ever had and George is the millionaire. The girls got most of them wrong. As did I, from what I guessed. Then the girl’s secrets were revealed, one is part of a Royal Family, one was a nude protestor and one use to be a hand model HA! None are too exciting.

The First Noms Noms (AKA Nominations)
The housemates nominated, they all had to in front of the girls in a sound proof box. I fail to see the relevance of doing it in front of people if you aren’t directly facing them and they can’t hear you. Unless the housemates become comfortable and then one night Big Brother projects their voice to the people in the room and screws them over. I’m waiting with my popcorn for that night. Ray and Angie had interesting tactics covering their mouths like idiots.

Estelle, Layla and Charne were nominated this week, there were tears and tantrums. Charne received the most votes. But we could all see that coming. You can’t sit around the house getting angry about young people acting young and cleaning the kitchen constantly. You could have stayed at your own home and done that darl. Time to go.

Josh remains a TWAT

Josh didn’t get Estelle so he’s bunked up with Angie now. He inserts himself into as many moments he can. Gives his advice where it’s not needed. He adds nothing to the house. There’s a difference between having someone you love to hate, where at the moment that’s Ray – Ray‘s a douche but he acts like a child while trying to assert his intelligence so it’s at least amusing to watch – whereas Josh is an attention seeking whore who needs less screen time, and needs to stop begging for it by dressing up. (He needs to go 1st when the boys get nominated).

And Ryan works out… A LOT

I don’t know what else this kid does besides graft Estelle and work out. It’s like watching a really slow less alcohol induced episode of Geordie Shore. The girls enjoy it. But Michael and many others can’t stand his lack of coherency. He seems to actually have actual thoughts when he talks to Big Brother himself but is still hard to understand. He might get there one day…

That’s it till next week, where we will have our first evicted housemate. Charne for sure, I can’t imagine people voting to save the equivalent of cardboard.

Also here’s my list of awards for the week; (I’ll update this weekly)

Most Improved: Michael

Most Irritating: Josh

Has to Go/Waste of Space: Charne

Biggest Douchbag: Ray (By a slight margin, Josh was close)

Biggest Hussy: Estelle

Biggest Bitch: Angie/Stacey (TIE)

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Words by Dan.