BEING LARA BINGLE: Season Finale Recap

I hear the faint sound of haters hating in the distance and rejoicing that Being Lara Bingle played its final episode of the season and maybe ever. The double episode featured some fun blind dates, the usual shopping segments (yawn) and some family (cast) bonding in the form of some skydiving to send off the first season in a fun fashion.

It was a double episode so let’s sum up the boring bits into some short points;

  • Peter Morrissey tells Lara to wear a suit/be more of a business woman.
  • Lara wins $50 at bingo with Nanna Bingle.
  • Lara, Hermione & Josh wine taste.
  • Quote of the day “I don’t like French, I like Italian” – Lara Bingle
  • The boring, vanilla shopping shopping segments.
  • Lara learns to cook with George Calombaris.

I found it quite funny when George said “I think I’m going to like you by the end of this” making it very apparent he did not like Lara before this meeting. I was waiting for Bingle‘s crossover with The Shire since it looks like we’re doing crossover episodes with other Channel Ten content.

Now to the fun – BLIND DATES. After Lara dares Josh and Hermione to go on blind dates and offers a $500 prize for getting a second date we meet some strange new faces. The first is Hermione‘s date, Christian. (Who I believe did a nice big line of coke before attending the dinner)

Besides his crazy eyes and flailing hands he seemed like a nice guy. Although his energy levels were intense for the most part, Hermione seemed pleased with him and her apparent breakfast (We did not see this…maybe she slept over, maybe it didn’t even happen, who knows?) the next morning makes it appear like the date went well, she also won herself the bet. I liked Christian‘s views on tattoos, that they should either be ‘spiritual’ or ‘tribal’ otherwise ‘they are bogan’. Then we cut to…

Josh and his date, Jasmine (brilliant editing). Jasmine hails from The Shire (I thought this may have been our chance for the crossover, sadly no) who is a friend of Lara‘s. She appears about as whorey as Josh and although the date got off to a bad start, discussing the weather, the mood picked up with some flirting with food and Josh mentioning his like for flexible girls, we get it Josh, you’re horny all the time.

The episode finished with a quick montage of the entire season’s events, covering a whole lot of sad, embarrassing and monumental moments in Lara‘s life over the past year. We then had our last family bonding session of the season, some good old skydiving.

We might look at the final moments as a bit of a metaphor for the season, there’s the whole excitement and nervousness surrounding the big jump before it has even begun. Then the jump, you’re screaming whether you enjoy the moment or not and then before you know, it’s over and you’re left thinking what just happened?

I guess not a whole lot happened that we didn’t already know from the media with the Bingle‘s, but we got a few insights into the family and maybe some of us saw a side we didn’t know existed or confirmed our worst suspicions.

Channel Ten has copped a lot of slack for their recent programming decisions. I think we all need to recognise that Australian reality shows is what gets the highest ratings in this country, The Voice, The Block, Masterchef, My Kitchen Rules etc. Channel Ten are playing with the format in a variety of ways, this show, The Shire, I Will Survive, Everybody Dance Now, all trying to emulate their ratings success that is Masterchef. Maybe they aren’t successful but Channel Nine already made their mistake this year with Excess Baggage and Seven is about to take their risk with Brynne Edelsten: My Bedazzled Life.

But here marks the end of Being Lara Bingle and I thank the family for letting us inside their walls for an interesting few months. I wouldn’t say it was a ground breaking reality TV but then I wasn’t changing the channel either. Farewell Lara, Hermione, Sharon and Josh may you be scandal free for the next few months….or not, you might get another season yet.

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Words by Daniel Morrison.