LISTEN UP! Texture Like Sun

TEXTURE LIKE SUN are a classy little indie-folk outfit coming out of Melbourne. They have an LP coming out later in the year so they are making the rounds, gigging their way around the country to get their name out.

If you need to get to know the band the first place you should begin is with their track ‘Bottle’. Playing out like an internal argument, the ideas of ‘Bottle’ are rooted in a mediation over notions of addiction, be that with alcohol or other. Maybe that makes it sound a little serious, but the track really is an awesome listen. Anchored by a very folksy acoustic guitar, the song builds a chilling atmosphere that pulls you and and refuses to release you from its grip.

Since the release of the track ‘Bottle,’ Texture Like Sun have been gaining loads of attention for their warm and haunting sounds, the song writing, production and the gorgeous voice of Mark Pearl.

Beyond the track, there is also a great perception of their live performance. Playing largely in intimate venues, the guys have had the ability to have a moody and moving set, without tipping over into the overblown and hysterically melodramatic. And no one wants that.

So if you ever get the chance to see these guys live, you should jump on it. Otherwise, until then here is the ‘Bottle’, the track gaining them all the attention

A version via Purple Sneakers

Words by Luke Letourneau