BEING LARA BINGLE: Episode 8 Recap

Lara heads to New Zealand to film some footage for New Zealand Skeptics, why she is the ambassador, I have no idea but she did her job, because I want to go. Also Josh wears condoms and Sharon doesn’t want to know. Hermione remains useless.

Inspiring words… Lara the unlikely face of a New Zealand campaign created in order to change skeptics idea of the country. Lara meets up with Hayley Holt upon arriving at the airport who is apparently an NZ equivalent to our Lara. There’s a good chance Hayley has been in less nude photo scandals though. Lara heads up a mountain and leaves a helicopter and snowboards down beautiful snowy mountains to spend the night in an igloo.  The shots make the scenery look quite stunning, I’m sure not all tourists can get their own helicopters to the top of deserted mountain ranges but the project really does showcase some amazing sights in New Zealand. Special mention must go to Miss Bingle for doing a sound job at falling in love with the country. I’m sure the $$$ helped but I can’t see it being too hard to fall in love after what we saw.

The result of the campaign is below. Rhys Darby narrates as an added bonus.

Lara then heads off to some interviews on radio and TV around New Zealand. The most shocking interview was on New Zealand’s Breakfast show where the host basically chronicled all of Lara‘s indiscretions then once they moved past her scandals the host went on to speak over the top of Bingle as she attempted to advertise her coconut water. I’m not saying journalists have to praise every guest but this host seemed to be desperate for a reaction, in the end Lara held herself very well. It seems Channel Ten followed the same format as the New Zealand Breakfast show of the same name by putting a New Zealand douchebag at the helm. (Cue Lara‘s shocked face)

Back home Lara and Hermione had girl talk about GarethLara actually came across as if she is taking this relationship seriously, good luck to her. We also were treated to  Being Lara Bingle family dinner where we got to talk about sex life and the fact that Josh wears condoms for his sleepovers. Sharon did not want to hear it and was not impressed (her face was priceless).

The family dinner was also sponsored by Gravox.

I said last week this would be the finale but I was wrong. Next week IS the finale and there’s another photoshoot, Lara in a swimsuit (something different) and Nanna Bingle, always a welcome presence.

Read/Watch more about the show at Channel Ten.

Words by Daniel Morrison.