The 18th BIENNALE OF SYDNEY is still chugging along, dominating spaces in the MCA, the Art Gallery of New South Wales and Cockatoo Island; bring bodies and eyes into the belly of what Contemporary art in Sydney has to offer.

Acting as a vessel of ideas, with gorgeous full colour image reproductions and detailed and engaging essays, is the CATALOGUE BOOK for the 18th BIENNALE OF SYDNEY; edited by Catherine de Zegher and Gerald McMaster.

The Catalogue Book is a must buy for anyone walking away from any of the Biennale exhibits enthralled by what they have seen. Firstly, because of the aforementioned essays, the book is prolific in its volume of written work, but also in the ground they cover. Touching on issues as isolated as medium and technique, and also on broad, all-encompassing topics like the dialogue surrounding the entire discourse of ‘reading’ art.

However, the true innovation of this book, what you won’t be able to get in those awfully scanned PDF files that will no-doubt fly around the internet, are the image reproductions as the book presented them. In the centre of the book images of all works displayed are produced on half-sized pages. Meaning the full page has been cut in half, long ways, giving landscape views of the artworks. It also allows you to flick the top and bottom halfs of the page separately, giving you the opportunity to compare and analyse works, reconfiguring their placement to discover more through the works relationships with others. It is an inspired idea.

Anyone can be a curator now.

The books are available for a limited time at the Art Gallery of New South Wales, The Museum of Contemporary Art Australia and at the Biennale Art Shop on Cockatoo Island.

Words by Luke Letourneau

Images via. COLLIDER