BEING LARA BINGLE: Episode 7 Recap

This week we learnt that Lara likes skulls and dead roses. Then Being Lara Bingle answered the big question on everyone’s mind, what do you buy someone that has everything? Sex Toys… Not the best answer.

It’s Lara‘s 25th birthday this week so we have some party planning by Josh, and Cara, the dull events manager. We get some convenient product placement for Lara‘s cake making company and a trip to the sex shop with Josh and Cara for some tedious dress up and mucking around.

Fellow editor Luke Letourneau pointed out that Josh‘s voice over work is very boring and lifeless, upon listening I have to agree, there’s so much more life in him when he is caught off guard by the cameras. He seems to have a lot more fun off screen and it’s a shame we don’t get to see a whole lot of that side on the show.

Lara receives some presents from Hermione and Josh. Josh threw his presents at Lara‘s head while she was still in bed which gave me a little reminder of home and a laugh too. We found out Lara likes dead roses (a bit morbid) and that she isn’t really into the whole sex toy idea. Hit and miss guys.

Lara hit up another photoshoot, where she looked quite stunning, in my opinion.
She met with some contest winners afterwards and they treated themselves to a mani-pedi. The sweet thing about Lara is, I noticed when the contest winners were introducing themselves to Lara that she repeated her name to them as they said theirs. Obviously these girls won a competition to meet Lara and they know who she is but her natural reflex is to introduce herself. Although unintentional I feel this kind of respresents how Lara is humble with her fame (yes I know agreeing to do your own reality show is maybe not the best idea) but she is still down to earth and we have glimpsed moments of that side of her throughout the first season of the show.

AND finally, we got to see Gareth at Lara‘s birthday, he came across like a gentleman (I’m stealing the words from Miss Bingle herself now). The whole scene at her birthday was quite heartfelt with the speeches from Sharon and Lara. Hermione struggled through her speech while I struggled to comprehend why she was wearing a white hessian bag as a top but that’s another topic for another day.

Also Lara‘s cake did turn out pretty awesome.

Next time we hit the New Zealand slopes for what I believe is the last episode of the season (and maybe ever). I’ll recap and review the season as a whole and put in my two cents about every Australian viewers problem with Channel Ten‘s programming decisions. Chill out everyone.

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Words by Daniel Morrison.