BEING LARA BINGLE: Episode 6 Recap

Bingle heads to court, a colonoscopy, Lara‘s boobs are out again (but for a proper photoshoot) and much more this way…

I’m not sure if I enjoyed this week a little more because it was good, or if it’s because I watched The Shire the previous night and Being Lara Bingle soars in comparison. But I won’t speak about The Shire because that’s a whole different kettle of fish.

The girls have returned from India and it’s back to work; or their version of it. I’m not sure what Hermione does now since that she is no longer Lara‘s manager but then again I don’t know what anyone on the show does for work besides Lara.

We did meet Lara‘s friend Cara who is an event manager. Cara was void of any interesting personality, but it looks like next week she heads to a sex shop with Josh and they do a little 50 Shades of Grey style role play in-store.

One of the funniest parts of this ep did feature Josh shortly after for his court appearance for assault charges laid 3 years ago. Lara and friends called up Josh to find out what was going on and Josh‘s ocker accent shined through with some very honest observations, how the media caught him off guard and left him looking like a ‘stunned mullet’. This was one of the first phone conversations that weren’t filmed from both sides so it felt a little more genuine then most other phone calls we’ve seen this season.

While on a shoot for GQ, Lara discovered (I’m sure she’d seen it previous to this) a copy of Famous magazine that featured Lara‘s cellulite from photos taken 6 months earlier.

This led to a few questions around body issues that plagued the rest of the episode. This spread out through an interview with Erin McNaught at MTV, Cara and Josh both teasing Lara about her former weight, Lara getting a colonoscopy (why do reality shows do this?) and an intense workout sesh with Lauryn Eagle.

I think girls at home were either relating or rolling their eyes at Lara‘s issues in this episode but I think I have to say she was looking quite fine on the GQ shoot so I don’t think she is doing too bad on the fat issue.

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Next week the aforementioned sex shop visit, Lara‘s birthday and our first glimpse of Lara and Gareth together on the show.

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Words by Daniel Morrison.