LISTEN UP! Frank Ocean ‘Sweet Life’

FRANK OCEAN’s debut full-length album has just dropped and the man has everyone talking about his smooth vocals, his heart and soul dripped lyrics and the classic R&B grooves.

‘Sweet Life’ comes to us as the third single off the Channel Orange LP. The track swings mid-tempo for much of the song, and gets full with more elements picking up throughout. The track has a masterful hand of its instruments bringing together live and electronic sounds creating these blissful electro-soul grooves.

The man is also a lyrical dynamo. Frank Ocean brings us what he wants to see in his head in beautiful clear vocal, and then mumbles through physical, real surroundings. It keeps your ears intrigued, and it makes you want to listen more, to the track, to the album, and to any and all of his collaborations.

Why would anyone ever want to write negative things about music when there is stuff like this swimming around in the world.

Check out ‘Sweet Life’ below.

Words by Luke Letourneau

A version via Purple Sneakers