PHOTOS: Laurent Chehere

It’s the end of the work week, and the weekend is just around the corner so I should be rejoicing, but with Uni starting back next week I’ve instead decided to indulge my dark and moody side with some of the melancholic photography of LAURENT CHEHERE.

In CHEHERE‘s most recent series Flying Houses (2012), the image of a house has been transplanted away from the streets of suburbia, and instead placed in the sky. While the houses sit alone – at times surrounded by crows, as if the house were a dying body floating out at sea – I think maybe my description of ‘dark,’ and ‘melancholic’ may not be the most apt description of these works. The houses may appear isolated, and are impregnated with negative images – be that fire, graffiti or commercialisation – but the houses in-fact appear for us to view their individual characteristic; their beauty.

Ripped from the anonymity of the street, CHEHERE displays the individual architectural styles of each house. The images are visually dynamic, presenting an alternate process of viewing the mundane. The expert digital manipulation fully transports a viewer to a dream like state, inviting you into the tranquility of the works.

So it turns out these photographs are not for the moody, but for the dreamer.

Check out more works from LAURENT CHEHERE at his official website.

Words by Luke Letourneau.