The BIENNALE OF SYDNEY is continuing its mission, to engage and promote exchanges between audiences and creators, with many of the Biennale artists holding talks during the event. This effort is also continued through; downloadable content for children and a slew of Artist Interview videos.

I’ve been excited to get to walk around and and check out the Biennale. I previously wrote a piece on the festival, (before it all started) and I still haven’t had a chance to head in! So I’ve been on the net CONSTANTLY; looking, prepping my trip and getting ready for what I should expect. At this point I’m certain I’ll get the most out of the (innevitably) short time I’ll actually get.

So when perusing the Biennale’s youtube channel, I was stunned when I saw the video for the construction of the work ‘Timelapse’ by Postcommodity at the Art Gallery of New South Wales. I don’t know why they did it, who allowed it, or why they allowed it, but I am definitely keen to make my way down there for a look.


Check out the video bellow, along with a handful of artist interviews. There are also links to the Artist Talk information and downloadable content.

Timelapse: Postcommodity at the Art Gallery of New South Wales

Artist Interview: Postcommodity

Artist Interview: Imran Qureshi

Artist Interview: Lyndal Jones

Artist Interview: Philip Beesley

Interview: Gerald McMaster, Co-Artistic Director

For information about Artist Talks look HERE.

For the downloadable audio content for children look HERE.

Words by Luke Letourneau.