BEING LARA BINGLE: Episode 5 Recap

We head to India this week with Lara and Hermione, we witness Lara acting like the priviliged rich girl everyone thought she was, and what has to be epitome of awkward moments, as Lara‘s call centre friend covers Maroon 5‘s ‘She Will Be Loved’.

So we finish off in L.A, the promise of Kelly Cutrone appearing last week was ill conceived from the beginning and a change in schedule ends the chance for good. Lara and Hermione hit up Mumbai, India. Restricted to their hotel for a day due to aggressive strikes over petrol prices (we witnessed real world issues, woo!), Hermione and Lara are out again the next day. Lara‘s pure disgust on her face during her car ride through Mumbai proves what we all knew, she has lived a sheltered life. However I understand how what she witnessed could be a shock to the system for most people. But Lara‘s comment, saying look at these people sitting there thinking ‘it smells like roses,’ was insensitive.

Lara appeared to be humbled by her whole experience and asked herself if she really needed all the things she has. This was followed by some retail therapy where the girls bought a few bags of clothes. Oh the irony.

NOW, to the most awkward TV moment I have witnessed all year. While I feel it was sweet for Lara to make the effort to visit a pen pal/fan she met over the phone, it turned into a truly weird moment. Lara visited Jason, a man she met while talking to her phone company. Hermione and Lara visited Jason‘s home and spent sometime with him and his mother. The general stilted small talk followed where we learned Jason‘s favourite film is The Incredible Hulk and he likes music. Especially Maroon 5‘s ‘She Will Be Loved’ which apparently reminds him of Lara every time he hears it. What followed was Jason playing the song from his phone and singing the song to Lara. (If you didn’t witness it live, I recommend a watch online, it’s part 3/4 and starts around the 5 minute mark, priceless)

Jason singing Maroon 5

Lara’s reaction

Side note: Hermione and Lara asking why all the people in the street were looking at them when they were dressed like two licorice allsorts and being followed by a camera crew left me spellbound.

I enjoyed this episode for the pure awkwardness of most scenes. I think we saw a lot of the real Lara in her brat behaviour. It’s still far from a great show but I enjoy the small moments you wouldn’t really see anywhere else on TV. These moments are in amongst a lot of painful viewing.

Hang in there guys, only 3 eps to go! Look forward to next week where Lara gets her kit off, but this time she is getting paid to.

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Words by Daniel Morrison.