Another year another reboot attempt from Marvel. THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN explores new avenues, introduces new characters with some stunning effects to boot. But with all these new additions it’s a shame it kind of feels all very familiar.

It’s been five years since the last Spiderman travesty that was Spiderman 3. The Amazing Spider-Man is a reboot from director Marc Webb with a fresh new cast with Andrew Garfield at the helm as title character, Peter Parker.

The Amazing Spider-Man delves into Peter Parker’s past where we get a glimpse of his parents and how he came into the care of his Aunt and Uncle played by Sally Field and Martin Sheen. This back story justifies why Parker becomes involved in science through his love of his father’s craft. The film benefits from developing these emotional family ties from the beginning and creates a more poignant death for Uncle Ben, where the original Spiderman tended to rush into the murder.

Although the film did service to the characters in taking the time to create the back story, this forces the rest of the film to feel quite rushed. After Parker is bitten by the spider, his transformation into Spiderman is accelerated dramatically. This propulsion of the story leads to a lack of development with his romantic interest, Gwen Stacy, played by the endearing Emma Stone. The couples romance feels genuine and vulnerable in the small moments we do get to witness in the film, which has to be attributed to the actors, yet overall their screen time together is in short supply. I feel that I cared more for Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst‘s relationship in the original film.

Another original element to the film that we haven’t witnessed in the previous Spiderman Trilogy is the new villain Dr. Curt Connors AKA The Lizard. Rhys Ifhans does a commendable job as the scientist turned evil lizard genius. Connors’ story suffers from lack of development due to the propelled state of the overall narrative, his characters psyche and motives are slightly underdeveloped as a result. That being said the effects are impressive and Connors does appear quite terrifying in his lizard state.

However there are some stunning visual sequences and the 3D effects look quite breathtaking in scenes where Spiderman is making his way through the New York City landscape. All actors give a strong performance especially Garfield who manages to find a superb balance between wit and dramatic conviction. The narrative is engaging and has a few new developments that will keep you intrigued. The format is still quite generic but I guess it’s hard to be completely original when you’re rebooting a franchise that only begun within the last decade. It’s worth a watch!

Rating: B-

Check out the trailer below. In cinemas now!

Words by Daniel Morrison.