LISTEN UP! Santigold ‘The Keeper’

Here comes the fluorescent green-tinged video for the third single off SANTIGOLD’s sophomore effort, Master of My Make-Believe, ‘The Keeper.’

Coming straight from the eyes and mind of Ms Santi White herself, ‘The Keeper’ features a dimly lit suburban dining room where everyone is blonde and eats pea soup and green jello. This a family about appearances, all with their perfectly cropped blonde wigs, and a mother with plump lips and an even plumper badonk.

As the clip progresses we gets some putrid late night ads, then drive-by shooting and more awful looking food. All the while the family vacantly sits and eats their food. Even as a milkman lay bloody on the floor, the family seem more concerned with the soiled white shirt than his health, that or they just remain vacant, with only Santigold dancing around like the young child she appears to be portraying would do.

It is hardly a subtle piece of social critique, but hey fuck subtly. It is a four minute clip and it’s a killa song. With a steady guitar riff and a throbbing floor-filler beat to back it, ‘The Keeper’ is perfectly danceable and a major highlight of the Master of My Make-Believe album.

Check out Santigold‘s ‘The Keeper’ bellow.

Words by Luke Letourneau