Channel 10 Launches a shitload of Aussie Shows

Winter is heating up over at Channel 10, they’ve launched a new promo giving you a glimpse at the slate of new shows you’re going to love to hate or just plain hate coming up over the next few months.

There’s a whole lot of reality shows thrown in there but then again I’m not surprised. Amongst the crap we’ve got a glimmer of hope with Puberty Blues, a drama from Offspring creator, set in Australia in the 1970’s see’s some old Love My Way cast reunite in the form of Claudia Karvan and Dan Wyllie. Check out the first look below.

Side Note: I’d like to know how much Kelly Rowland and Jason Derulo are getting paid for Everybody Dance Now. The Voice judges received $1 million each so I’d like to know where abouts this show sits in quality judging by the pay checks $$$.

The Shire. The show no one wanted, not even the mayor of Cronulla. Oh well, we’ve got some douchebags and female trashbags and the tolkien ethnic chick thrown in the sea of white people to appease complaints. Southern Cross tattoos, bikinis, muscles and that one girl putting on a yellow chapstick? Are you going to a Rainbow Party love? This is sure to be a hot mess everyone will at least look at once.

Masterchef All Stars, you haven’t had enough? Well lucky you, the star studded lineup features returning favourites from the past 3 seasons including Julie Goodwin, Poh, Marion Grasby and Hayden Quinn (Can he cook? His mug is all over this promo, I assume he is just the eye candy for the show? Am I wrong?). I don’t know what the big deal is with Masterchef but I’m sure Australia won’t be able to get enough of this. There’s going to be The Block All Stars too coming soon to Nine, so you can watch more shows recycle contestants!

This could really be a hit or miss. I Will Survive (Priscilla) has stolen Ben Rafter (Hugh Sheridan) in order to host the new triple threat competition series. We are travelling from Sydney to Alice Springs to see the thrills and spills of ambitious men compete for the title of what? I’m not really sure. I can’t even really tell if they are getting into drag a whole lot. The sparkling shoes towards the end of the promo says yes but the rest of it tells me a bunch of men are roaming the streets of Broken Hill(?) throwing a lot of poses and pointing their hands to the sky. Magda Szubanski makes an appearance throughout the series so let’s hope this stays on the screens long enough so we can see it.

Head to Channel Ten to see more promos.

Words by Daniel Morrison.