Being Lara Bingle: Episode 4 Recap

Lara hits L.A this week in the latest episode of BEING LARA BINGLE. Photoshoots, house hunting and some advertising for Apple. (Buy an iPad, buy a MacBook!)

Episode 4 was an improvement on last week. After the consistent ratings drop each week let’s hope Lara‘s numbers even out after this episode, otherwise I see it being highly unlikely that we’ll be revisiting the Bingle family for a second season (I get the feeling the majority of Australia is hoping we don’t).

This week we hit L.A, after some useless information from Kyle Sandilands. After meeting with an agent that basically tells Lara she has no name for herself in the US, we witness Lara do (what seems) an on-the-fly photoshoot in the busy streets of L.A. Lara goes shopping, Lara goes house hunting, Lara goes on skype.

There were still a few staged scenes that got on my nerves this episode. The opening scene with Lara and Hermione making up was painful and Lara speaking to both her brother and mother were forced and irrelevant. I felt like the producers had to think of a way to include Sharon and Josh in this episode because they weren’t in L.A and created these awkward scenes for Lara and her family to chat. I also felt like the conversation between Sharon and Lara was sponsored by Apple. Sharon did not look comfortable holding an iPad, she has probably never used one till the producers handed her it two minutes before Lara called.

I have to say I did enjoy a few scenes between Lara, Hermione and Max. The scene where the three were in the airport discussing how Lara and her boyfriend Gareth met, teasing Lara saying they met on Facebook came across really natural, like a genuine bunch of friends chatting and teasing each other. Also the scenes while the trio were driving and Lara was complaining about her cellulite was pretty funny, it reminded me of something my friends or even my mum would say (but I can imagine half of the Australian girls out there watching and rolling their eyes that Lara was knocking herself about cellulite). I feel these scenes worked because they weren’t the type of set ups the producers could have much creative control over, these scenes seem to work more. Hopefully there’s more moments like these to come.

We’re halfway through the season! Next week we head to India, so Lara can visit a man she spoke to from a call centre one time. That’s how they explained it right? I wasn’t imagining it? The idea of visiting a stranger that sends emails occasionally perplexes me, but we’ll see how that plays out next week. Also the mention of Kelly Cutrone making an appearance then her pulling out next week was a conniving tease.

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Words by Daniel Morrison.