LISTEN UP! The Magician ‘Magic Tape Twenty-Four’

OK so we’ve covered this guy previously HERE, and now we have THE MAGICIAN’s last mixtape until September; here is ‘Magic Tape Twenty-Four’.

With ‘Magic Tape Twenty-Four’ THE MAGICIAN continues his crusade to bring up-beat, bright, dance inducing house music to our heart and souls. The transient sounds will take you over, plunging you into a disco heaven as you watch your body float above the dance floor. Does that sound a little hyperbolic? Yes? Ok well you obvious haven’t listen to any of his mixtapes. So:

A) Get the hell off my back, and how dare you attack my whimsy; and

B) OK, stop looking at me like I’m some kind of a fool and listen to the bloody Mixtape!

Here is THE MAGICIAN’s ‘Magic Tape Twenty-Four’.

Words by Luke Letourneau.

Version via Purple Sneakers.