BEING LARA BINGLE: Episode 3 Recap

The cracks are starting to show. With fewer laughs and a whole lot of staged scenes, this episode suffered from tiring reality television mechanisms.

I have to start off by saying that I don’t watch reality television to identify or relate to any of the characters or situations on screen. I also don’t believe I am ever seeing ‘reality’, I purely watch for entertainment value alone. Episode 3 of BEING LARA BINGLE did not entertain me.

Here’s what you missed…

  • Lara apologises to mumma Sharon for acting childish in the previous episode. 
  • Lara‘s  shocked face in reaction to Michael Clarke‘s marriage.
  • Swisse Vitamins party, we got to see some flashes of Delta Goodrem and some awkward interviews with Lara in response to Clarke‘s marriage.
  • More awkwardness in the form of Hermione and Lara‘s brother Josh, the producers forced love story gets more airtime.
  • Dinner with the grandparents. Nana Bingle was there in the flesh. This was actually a nice family moment that felt the closest thing to genuine.
  • Hermione discussing her future as Lara‘s manager; how being BFF’s and working together doesn’t mix.

Here’s my problems with this episode.

I understand that all reality television is staged but many scenes in this particular episode felt very stilted. Lara and her mother’s conversation was too convenient  and unbelieveable. It felt like a scene the producers orchestrated to wrap up the storylines put forth from the previous episode. I’m also sure that Lara most likely did find out from her brother that Michael Clarke got married, but the way the producers staged that scene was all too contrived.

Then we also had to painfully revisit Hermione and Josh‘s love story which I guess will be a recurring element of the series. The grocery shopping in the first episode was casual enough but  both discussing their previous relationship over breakfast and having Lara walk in mid-conversation, only to reveal to her they have slept together previously. That scene was about as natural as a bleached asshole.

This a complete 180 on my recap last week but I am still hopeful this show can recover. I had a few good laughs in the two previous episodes.

Next week Lara heads to L.A and for some reason seeks some advice from Kyle Sandilands (I hope I’m not the only person who thinks that’s a little foolish).

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Words by Daniel Morrison.