WATCH: Anna Karenina Trailer

After the brief side-step into pulp territory with 2011’s Hanna, director Joe Wright continues his crusade to bring classic ‘prestige’ literature to the screen with Anna Karenina, positioned for release at the end of the year. Where once again (and to great effect) Keira Knightley corsets herself up for Wright, to take on the title role.

In the trailer Knightley is clearly showing off all she learnt doing those Coco Mademoiselle commercials, pulling serious face in every shot. However, no need to roll your eyes at the apparent ‘sameness’ of Wrights new effort, as the man has taken an interesting approach to the adaptation of Leo Tolstoy‘s 1877 source material. Creating the film almost entirely on one set, a dilapidated theatre re-built for the film. Wright attempts to create an ‘elastic universe’ with the stage around the performers converting at different moments, an experiment that saw toy trains and dollhouses standing for exterior locations.

Knightley is also joined in the film by one brilliant set design, and actors; Kelly Macdonald, a blonde, moustached Aaron Johnson, and Jude Law removing those Hollywood hair-plugs for the role of Anna’s husband.

Check out the trailer and some set photographs bellow.

Words by Luke Letourneau.