WATCH: Monsters University Trailer

Fresh off the Disney/Pixar lot is the sneak peak trailer of the MONSTERS, INC prequel MONSTERS UNIVERSITY.

What we see in the short trailer is a hard partying college dorm (however replace the dorm party staples of drugs and alcohol with streamers and equally scary/adorable faces), that concludes with Sulley pranking Mike, turning his plump green body into a disco ball for a romantic slow dance.

Presented in 3D, Monsters University appears very similar in tone to its original, which is a big fat plus, as the first film has aged very well. I get just as much pleasure out of Monsters, Inc now as I did the original time I watched it. I have confidence in the addition of 3D as Pixar has worked with the medium in interesting ways, most so with 2009’s UP.

Worth noting also, is that by the time it is released in June 2013, it will have been TWELVE long years since Sulley and Mike first hit the cinemas with 2001’s Monster’s Inc. Which is fitting because from the time the first film was release I was, 11,  slightly older than Mary Gibbs’  Boo was supposed to be, yet no less filled with wonder. And now I am a university student that is partying  harder if not equally not as hard as the Monsters Crew.

Check out the trailer below.

Words by Luke Letourneau