BEING LARA BINGLE: Episode 2 Recap

So here we are, episode 2 of BEING LARA BINGLE, it’s time for the backlash of Lara’s nude photos, Fashion Week and sexy wakeboarding.

Last week we heard a lot of complaints from the Australian public claiming that Lara Bingle was trying to be the Australian version of Kim Kardashian that nobody asked for. Over 900,000 people watched the first episode so whether you love to hate Lara or just plain hate, I think she’ll be sticking around.

This episode we get to continue the conversation between Lara and her infamous Nan (It looks like we finally get to see Nan in the flesh next week :D). Nan apologises after Lara gets a chance to explain herself.

We move on to Lara and her manager/bff Hermione hitting up Fashion Week. I really enjoy the small snippets of conversation we get between these two friends. Their remarks to each other appear to be genuine compared to some of the more staged scenes. Lara imitating one of the people commenting about her nude photos was immature and amusing.

Lara wakeboarding was also a whole lot of fun, but that was more for the clevage shot than anything else.

Now the family issues. As much as we as an audience can watch these scenes and maybe scrutinise them for being fabricated, I feel Lara’s lack of maturity in these moments creates validity. Lara’s mother Sharon had some great moments this episode trying to discipline her daughter but at the same time we had Lara acting somewhat of a brat. Calling her brother for back up while her mother verbally attacks her was a classic move and brother Josh stating he doesn’t want to come inbetween his mother and Lara then cutting to a shot of him literally sitting inbetween the two of them while having dinner was PRICELESS.

I thoroughly enjoyed this ep, maybe more than the first. Next week it looks like we get a few more forced awkward situations between Josh and Hermione and as mentioned before, Nana Bingle!

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Words by Daniel Morrison.