VISION: Emmy Roundtable Discussions – Drama Series

Top Emmy Contenders for Drama Series recently sat down with THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER and had a roundtable discussion covering hardships, production processes and embarrassing moments. Watch below.

Highlights from the chats include;

  • January Jones’ breakdown upon seeing herself as fat Betty Draper on Mad Men.
  • Parenthoods’s Peter Krause and his tale of shitting his pants on stage.
  • Emily Rossum discusses the raw nature of her character’s nudity on Shameless.
  • Bryan Cranston talks about real life copycat meth dealers.
  • Jon Hamm talks about his relationship with Mad Men‘s creator and directing.
  • The Good Wife’s Julianna Margulies talks about 14 hour shoots sitting in a courtroom scene with no lines.
These discussions reveal some personal views and insights into the television industry. The actors argue the changes in the television landscape over the past few years and the shift in focus from the big screen to small.
We not only get further insight into the inner working of television but we get to know these actors and actresses on a personal level. We find out how much their family means to them and how much they truly love their jobs. You really appreciate these actors so much more knowing how hard they are working and what they do to bring us these shows that we love.

Below are the full uncensored interviews with both the actors and actresses from TV’s favourite Drama Series.

Drama Series Actresses

Drama Series Actors

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Words by Daniel Morrison