The Voice Australia: Finale Review

So what did we learn from THE VOICE AUSTRALIA finale? Well we learnt that Channel Nine picked their winner from day one. If you don’t know already or couldn’t pick it from all the advertising you’ve seen for the past two months, the winner is…


Congratulations to her! She does have undeniable talent and her future career looks promising. As do the other contestants that have been involved with The Voice journey.

But I think myself, and the rest of Australia are not surprised by this result. Why?

Here’s a few reasons;

1. Karise Eden was the first contestant we were exposed to in the first ever episode of The Voice Australia. Over 2 million people tuned in for the first episode and Karise was the first face we saw and left an imprint in our minds.

2. iTunes. iTunes played an integral role in this series. Seal made a smart decision in the first live rounds picking the already popular Rebecca Ferguson song, ‘Nothing’s Real But Love’ which familiarised the audience with Karise’s sound while capitalising off an already successful hit.

3. Seal told us each week what a successful artist Karise already was. Seal was smart in never acknowledging Karise’s flaws and constantly reinforcing the idea of her as an artist (he enjoyed mentioning where she sat in the iTunes charts regularly). Even the week she performed poorly, Seal managed to spin the situation stating Karise’s ‘50% is better than most people’s 80%’ basically saying no one is as good as her. Also Seal cried for her. SMART PLAY!

4. The classic sob story, the girl from the refuge, the original song based on those hardships. The songs throughout the series all relating to these vulnerabilities that were marketed as part of who she was.

5. Her cover of Jeff Buckley’s ‘Hallelujah’ was used on the promos for the new Underbelly series before she even won. Well played Channel Nine. (Her first live round song was also used for the Tricky Business promos as soon as she had sung it).

6. Googling The Voice Australia before tonight’s finale, whose name appears?

Highlights from the night include judge and contestant performances, a terribly screech filled yelling segment featuring the Barnes family and ex-contestant Prinnie Stevens and awkward live TV pauses.

I’ll leave you with Karise Eden’s ‘Stay With Me Baby’ from the penultimate episode of the series. (Her original song is not available on Youtube but head to The Voice Australia here to watch it)


So the ratings are in and it seems as thought this whole thing was a ‘success,’ with the Grand Final episode reaching 2.74m, and the Winner Announcement achieving a staggering 3.23m.

Words by Daniel Morrison.