SOUND: Azealia Banks ‘Aquababe’

AZEALIA BANKS has dropped yet another track. Not long after the release of her 1991 EP we are granted another gift in the form of ‘Aquababe’.

The track is a whole lot of fun with plenty of attitude, it reminds me of early 00’s Missy Elliott, the Missy I loved. It’s those rap tunes that even if you’re a skinny white boy like myself, you just want to dance to it (and most likely embarrass yourself, but it doesn’t matter because the music is so damn good).

This is probably my favourite track since ‘212’, the other songs on Azealia’s EP are still strong tracks but ‘Aquababe’ just…..well let Chazz Michael Michaels explain.

Check out ‘Aquababe’ below. Buy the 1991 EP on iTunes.

Words by Daniel Morrison